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Habitat for Humanity provides homes for deserving and needy individuals, and, as a prerequisite, they offer homeowner education classes to teach them to manage their finances effectively. They’ve been working with MTEMC’s charitable foundations for over ten years. Grants go directly to the house construction process. One example of how the donations have helped is a single mother with a child, Jaime Jacobs. Take a look at her compelling story:

Jaime Jacobs’ childhood was punctuated by constantly moving from home to home and, sometimes, into a motel. Needless to say, this is a vivid and unpleasant memory. So, when Jaime became a mother, she wanted to establish a safe, stable home environment.

Jaime was longing for a safe, affordable home with a yard for Mykah to play.

At age 21, Jaime’s mom moved to Tennessee and Jaime took care of her for two years until she passed away in 2004. With poverty not far from Jaime’s mind, she has often worked two jobs to make ends meet. But after the arrival of her daughter, Mykah, Jaime quickly realized that she needed to give her child more than just love. She also needed to provide the best home life possible.

Jamie's New HomeEven working all sorts of hours, Jaime still found it hard to make ends meet because of the high cost of renting. It was this need that led Jaime to Wilson Habitat for Humanity and a chance to own her own home so that she could provide the best possible life for her daughter. Jaime was longing for a safe, affordable home with a yard for Mykah to play. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity and the support of MTEMC’s foundation, SharingChange, her dream became a reality.

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