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BrightStone is based in Franklin and their mission is to expand the potential of adults with special needs by providing opportunities and solutions that enrich their lives and help them be productive.

Ali in the Learning LabBrightStone provides a comprehensive work, social support, and future residential community for their participants. This expands their potential and helps them to develop mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. With help, these special needs individuals can be contributing members of their communities. BrightStone has used the grants from Middle Tennessee Electric’s charitable foundation, SharingChange, to purchase equipment for the computer lab, including learning software. Here’s one example of an individual who has been helped.

Ali is a fun and friendly guy with a warm smile. Being from overseas makes his adjustment that much more of a challenge, however Ali handles it beautifully. He enjoys rolling his wheelchair around BrightStone and visiting with everyone. And he loves keeping up with everyone on the BrightStone Facebook page. In addition, Ali says he enjoys listening to all types of music and eating at Olive Garden with his family. But, most of all, perhaps, he loves computers.

To Ali, computers are an outlet, a way to learn and grow.

His favorite Friday field trip is the library and he loves working and learning on the computers in the Learning Lab. This past Christmas Ali decided to learn some Spanish and used the computers to help him with that. In addition, he has a bit of a background with computers and even acts as an assistant, helping with troubleshooting computer problems.

To Ali, computers are an outlet, a way to learn and grow. In fact, he most enjoys the “read to learn” software which allows him to expand his mind. So, in addition to other friends at BrightStone, the computers are his friends, too.

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