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1. The SharingChange program is intended to support projects that benefit communities in the Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation service area. This program does not fund candidates for political office or any political purpose, government entities, schools or their supporting organizations or expressly religious organizations.

2. SharingChange grant applications submitted by individuals will not be funded. Special needs for an individual may be considered if the grant is submitted by a qualifying organization. For example, if an individual's house burned, a community organization (civic club, etc.) could apply for a grant to assist the individual.

3. To ensure the best opportunity at having a grant funded:

  • Complete the application fully and clearly.
  • List all other primary funding sources for the project. SharingChange grants are designed to assist projects as a source of supplemental funding.
  • Include a detailed description of intended use of the funds.
  • Funding for capital expenditures, ongoing expenses and salaries are not an approved use of funds.
  • Submit only one grant application per project.

4. Grants are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Applications may, at the discretion of the SharingChange board, be either fully funded, partially funded, tabled until a future date, declined, or the organization may be asked to resubmit, providing additional information.

5. SharingChange grants are reviewed by an independent board, made up of nonpaid volunteers from MTEMC service areas. Neither members of the MTEMC Board of Directors nor employees of MTEMC may serve on this board.

6. The SharingChange Board of Directors meets regularly based on the number of applications received (usually once a month, but no less than quarterly) to consider grant funding. When a grant application is received, the submitting organization will receive written notification of the date that their grant will be considered. All applicants will be sent a letter notifying them of the status of their funding, within a few days after the board meeting.

For additional information please contact Jay Sanders at

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