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What is SharingChange?

SharingChange is MTEMC’s charitable foundation whose sole purpose is to give back to the communities we serve. MTEMC members like you donate funds, with 100% of the donations going to local nonprofit organizations such as Empower Me Day Camp in Lebanon and Project Healing Waters. Since 2003, Middle Tennessee Electric’s charitable foundations have distributed more than $10 million to more than 550 local organizations. Members donate monthly to the foundation either by having their bill rounded up to the nearest dollar, or adding a fixed amount each month to their bill, or using both of these options.

Why did Middle Tennessee Electric decide to do this?

The cooperative's member-elected Board of Directors made the decision to create the charitable foundation in November of 2003. It was renamed SharingChange in 2016. As past Board Chairman Gordon Bone has put it, "It fits perfectly with the principles of our cooperative - to pool a small amount of our individual resources to make a big difference for the community as a whole. While your individual contributions may only add up to pennies a month, when it is added along with mine and thousands of other MTEMC members, it will be a sum that will allow a real impact to be made in our communities."

How does it affect my bill?

One option is to have your monthly bills rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. For example, if your electric bill is $49.25, it rounds up to $50.00. The extra 75 cents is set aside for worthy causes. This shows up as a separate item on your electric bill. In addition, you can also choose to donate a fixed monthly amount to give even more back to your community, or you can do both.

Does the bill round up even if the cents amount is less than 50?

Yes. If you choose this option a $49.01 bill and a $49.99 both round up to $50.00. Your average round up amount will be about 50 cents per month, and a total of about $6 a year.

Do I have a choice in participating?

Yes. In fact, a critical new aspect of SharingChange is you must join if you wish to participate, even if you have previously been donating through Operation Round Up.

What if I decide later that I would rather not participate?

You can choose to stop donating at any time, and you can have your contributions refunded up to 12 months retroactively. In other words, you can wait a year to see what you think about the program, and then if you think it unworthy, you could have all your money credited back to you. Just call member service: (877) 777-9020.

How much money does this raise?

Currently approximately $10,000 per month is being donated by participating members.

Who decides how the money is used, and which causes will benefit?

The foundations’ volunteer board, appointed by the MTEMC Board of Director’s, reviews all grant applications and decides on the grant levels given to the nonprofit organizations.

What types of "worthy causes" will these funds assist?

Funds have been used for things such as fire fighting equipment for volunteer fire departments; life-saving equipment for ambulance or rescue squads; hospice programs; youth programs; food shelves; clothing, shelter and medical services following an accident or storm. Donations are not limited to these categories; however, these funds may not be used for political purposes. Click here to see who we support.

How does one learn about applying for these funds?

Click here for an application form.

Are SharingChange contributions tax deductible?



I, as the above named member, authorize MTEMC to add the selected gift amount to my monthly electric bill and agree that this authorization will remain in effect until I notify MTEMC at (877) 777-9020 to cancel my enrollment or change my contribution.